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Rationale and Aim


The school community of Stella Maris Catholic Primary School believe that to effectively educate children we must provide them with an understanding of available technology and the influence it has in their lives. We believe that all students have the capacity to make a difference in the world and to contribute in a positive way to society.

At Stella Maris, we integrate the use of technology into daily classroom practice in a manner which allows students to interact with technology as a regular part of the learning process.

The iPads are to be used effectively and discriminately, providing a unique and powerful opportunity to enhance student learning.


  • To enhance learning opportunities and the scope of learning through the discriminate and routine use of an iPad;
  • to challenge students to strive for excellence;
  • to develop 21st Century learning skills in each student.

"The future demands skilled, digitally-aware learners with the capacity to participate in learning throughout their lifeā€¦"        (Beetham, McGill & Littlejohn: 2009)