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Who is in charge of downloading the Apps?

It is expected that all Apps designated by the school are made available on the student's iPad. The manager of the Apple ID will always be required to enable purchases to be downloaded. Automatic updates should be enabled on your iPad. 

All paid school/educational apps to be used will be purchased by Stella Maris and supplied to the students via a download link. Students will be emailed the app link/s to their school email account for download. The cost of the apps for the year will be covered by the technology fee and these apps will be gifted to the students. This will be organised after the Bootcamp in early Term 1 2019.

A list of required free apps was provided to you with your student requirement list for 2019. Please ensure the Free Apps that students need are downloaded before Term 1, Week 3.

Free apps required for Years 5 & 6 in 2019

Direct links to Apple Store 

Google Docs 

Google Sheets

Google Slides



Google Drive



Puffin Academy

Holy Bible


Google Earth



Youtube Capture

Wordsalad Lite

Pic Collage


Puppet Pals 2 Free