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Principal  Mr Danny Sykes
Assistant Principal Mrs Angela Crandell
Religious Education Coordinators Mrs Alicia Sanchez-Levine & Mrs Julie Hopkins
Middle Leader Mrs Vanessa Hanns
Middle Leader Mr Christopher Price
Senior School Support Officer Mrs Claudia Stacey
Executive Assistant to the Principal Mrs Gemma Bolton 
Year 6 Blue Teacher Mrs Kim Downing 
Year 6 Gold Teacher Mrs Angela Crandell & Miss Jacqueline Fry
Year 5 Blue Teacher Miss Emma Tori
Year 5 Gold Teacher Miss Emma Steele & Mrs Ashleigh Ahearn
Year 4 Blue Teacher Mrs Emma Mansbridge & Mrs Alicia Sanchez-Levine
Year 4 Gold Teacher Mrs Peta Wright
Year 3 Blue Teacher Mr Christopher Price & Mrs Kelly Mang
Year 3 Gold Teacher Miss Christina Agius
Year 2 Blue Teacher Mrs Vanessa Hanns and Mrs Krystle Caires
Year 2 Gold Teacher Mr Adam O'Grady
Year 1 Blue Teacher Mrs Amelia Birchall
Year 1 Gold Teacher Miss Julie Hopkins & Mrs Josephine Love
Kindergarten Blue Teacher Miss Elise Thompson
Kindergarten Gold Teacher Mrs Maryanne Heddles
Reading Recovery Teacher Mrs Tarsh Hosking
Library Teacher Mrs Josephine Love
PE / Sport Teacher Miss Jacqueline Fry
Music Teacher Mrs Jenna Hogan and Mrs Alicia Sanchez-Levine
Early Intervention Teacher (Kindergarten) Mrs Trish Staff
Project Learning Support Mrs Emma Mansbridge
Gifted Education Mrs Kelly Mang
School Counsellor Ms Simone Potter
School Support Officer - Clerical  Mrs Jane Every
School Support Officer - Library / Education Mrs Marcelle Morand
School Support Officer - Education Mrs Mel Flood
School Support Office - Education Mrs Melissa Nieborak
School Support Office - Education Mrs Jessica Ridley
School Support Office - Education Miss Jessica Lamphee
School Support Office - Education Miss Cindy Bongailas
School Support Office - Education Mrs Cherie Richards
Aboriginal Education Assistants Josephine Ball and Mark Mongta
Canteen Manager

Mrs Sharon Harrison