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Principal  Mr Danny Sykes
Assistant Principal Mr Rodney Green
Religious Education Coordinator (Acting) Mrs Kim Downing
Middle Leader Mrs Vanessa Hanns
Middle Leader Mr Christopher Price
Senior School Support Officer Mrs Claudia Stacey
Year 6 Blue Teacher Mrs Kim Downing and Mrs Josephine Love
Year 6 Gold Teacher Mr Shaun Dutaillis
Year 5 Blue Teacher Mr Christopher Price and Mrs Kelly Mang
Year 5 Gold Teacher Mrs Anna Clori
Year 4 Blue Teacher Mr Rodney Green and Mrs Emma Mansbridge
Year 4 Gold Teacher Mrs Peta Wright
Year 3 Blue Teacher Mrs Julie Hopkins
Year 3 Gold Teacher Miss Chantelle Davidson
Year 2 Blue Teacher Mrs Vanessa Hanns and Mrs Krystle Caires
Year 2 Gold Teacher Miss Elise Facci
Year 1 Blue Teacher Mrs Amelia Birchall
Year 1 Gold Teacher Miss Emma Tory
Kindergarten Blue Teacher Miss Elise Thompson
Kindergarten Gold Teacher Mrs Maryanne Heddles
Reading Recovery Teacher Mrs Tarsh Hosking
Library Teacher Mrs Josephine Love
PE / Sport Teacher Miss Jacqueline Fry
Music Teacher Mrs Jenna Hogan and Mrs Alicia Sanchez-Levine
Early Intervention Teacher (Kindergarten) Mrs Rebecca Burns
Project Learning Support Mrs Emma Mansbridge
Gifted Education Mrs Kate Mace
School Counsellor Ms Simone Potter
School Support Officer - Clerical  Mrs Jane Every
School Support Officer - Library / Education Mrs Marcelle Morand
School Support Officer - Education Mrs Mel Flood
School Support Office - Education Mrs Melissa Nieborak
School Support Office - Education Mrs Jessica Ridley
Aboriginal Education Assistants Josephine Ball and Mark Mongta
Canteen Manager

Mrs Sharon Harrison