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Transition to School

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Stella Maris Catholic Primary School welcomes our new Kindergarten enrolments through a school transition program in November, which provides activities to assist children in making a smooth transition into Kindergarten.

The overall aim of our school transition program is to help and support children to develop a high level of self-confidence in starting school and be familiar with the school environment. We work closely with families to ensure there is consistency between home and the school in preparing children for school. 

Our transition program consists of one morning session every Friday for three weeks usually In November. During this time, children are introduced to simple school routines, expectations and the school environment. Using our big book: What does school look like? children are able to read, look at pictures and discuss their concerns. A smaller version of this book is included in the Parent package and parents are encouraged to read this to their child during the holidays.

During the children’s transition mornings, activities are organised for the parents. These include meetings with the Principal, Kindergarten teachers and other guest speakers.