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Student Leadership

At Stella Maris, we believe that leadership is a shared responsibility involving staff, students and parents. Our Year 6 students are actively involved in leadership groups, where they work together to carry out responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Liturgy – helping teachers to organise liturgies and attending special Masses and launches 
  • Fundraising – promoting and helping support mufti days; selling raffle tickets; helping at school fete
  • Environment – gardening; sweeping; waste management
  • Public Speaking – leading morning prayer and assemblies; greeting and thanking visitors
  • Technology – providing support to students and staff in the area of technology; taking photographs of school events
  • Student Support – working with students in all classes to gain suggestions on how the school could be improved and receiving feedback on what is working well at the school
  • Hospitality – helping at the canteen; serving food at functions

As well as this, students are elected to the positions of School Captains, Vice Captains, Sports Captains and Bus Monitors.